FORWARD by Ron Irwin

Both Ray Stortini and I were raised in the “West End” of Sault Ste. Marie.  The people he writes about were part of a very close neighbourhood.  It was a small community within a larger one. 

My grandparents came to this area from Italy.  They raised eight children, one of whom was my mother.  They reared rabbits, made wine and held their friends closely.  Grass having little relevance to them, they cultivated most of their residential lot.

Ray Stortini’s chronicle of the stories of this neighbourhood is an enjoyment to read.  He has preserved memories, friendships, and events into a narrative that is difficult to put down.  Tracing his life from humble beginnings to a rewarding judicial career, he brings the characters and adversities encountered along the way immediately to life.

 The injustices he fought against; poverty, discrimination, women’s lack of rights, aboriginal marginalization, are woven into a series of true events.  “Only in Canada” is a reflective and necessary piece of work that had to be written.


Invisible People: This award winning documentary, written and produced by Jesse Doehler-Knox exposes the painful reality of being homeless and what agencies in Sault Ste. Marie are doing about it. Get your copy today at the Soup Kitchen.





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Picture this- a 10 year old girl and her mother…

“ but mom! Its all fresh food! I haven’t had a banana in forever!”

“not today- its between paydays”

“its only $15!”

“I don’t have the money. I don’t even have $2 for the bus today”

The number of people that can relate to that scenario would probably surprise you. People that are homeless, people that have to choose between sending their kids to school with no lunch, or keeping them home and feeding them leftover pasta. People that have no choice but to live above bars in rodent infested rooms. People trying to further their education to climb out of the poverty trap…They may seem like statistics, but they are people. They have a voice, and they have a story.

Please have a seat, listen, and walk a mile

In My Shoes